Scientology wants city's kids - 1998-12-10

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F110.png Scientology wants city's kids December 10, 1998, Enzo Di Matteo, Now Magazine

Ability is one of four private schools in the country that use Hubbard's Study Technology, or "study tech," a back-to-basics method of learning that emphasizes dictionary use and "clearing" the meanings of words.

Books with titles like Learning How To Learn and Study Skills For Life are part of the curricula. But some of the other titles stacked on glass shelves nearby seem to go beyond the three Rs that are the focus here. Among them, Hubbard's The Way To Happiness and Clear Body Clear Mind.

The titles recall Scientology's teaching that psychiatry and psychology, "armed to the teeth with tools derived from animal experiment," are responsible for all that ails the education system and have made the classroom into "a psychological factory for social reform."

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