Shock Therapy - 1999-02-12

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F0.png Shock Therapy February 12, 1999, Tim Meltreger, OC Weekly

Speaking on Jan. 29 to a group of about 25 at Garden Grove Medical Center, CCHR organizer Jacki Panzik said, "Something devastating has happened to American education." Her evidence: "a sharp decline in literacy and morality in our schools."

"This has not happened by chance, but rather it is the result of a carefully orchestrated sequence of events," Panzik said.

For the next 90 harrowing minutes, a slide show and video presentation provided terrifying proof of a several-hundred-year-old plot by psychologists to undermine public education. Attendees listened slack-jawed as CCHR volunteers described the creation of such "fictitious" afflictions as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), psychology-based classroom programs such as "Death Education" and "Indoctrination into the Gay Lifestyle," and forcible drugging of students by school officials.

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