So, Uh, Why Is Richard Spencer Still on Twitter? - 2019-11-04

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F344.png So, Uh, Why Is Richard Spencer Still on Twitter? November 4, 2019, EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone

On early Monday morning, leaked audio attributed to white supremacist Richard Spencer was published on fellow alt-right figure Milo Yiannopolous' YouTube channel. In the clip, which was allegedly recorded in the summer of 2017, Spencer is heard yelling racial and ethnic slurs with reference to the Unite the Right rally, the alt-right rally in Charlottesville where one protester was killed.

"We are coming back here a fucking hundred times," the person who is allegedly Spencer says on the recording, an apparent reference to Charlottesville. "I am so mad. I am so fucking mad at these people." The voice in the video later refers to the protesters at Charlottesville as "little fucking kikes" and "fucking octoroons," ranting, "My ancestors enslaved those pieces of fucking shit."

One of the key figures behind the alt-right, Spencer initially rose to prominence by endorsing white-nationalist principles such as racial purity and so-called peaceful ethnic cleansing. Yet he gained some degree of mainstream visibility thanks to his academic credentials and buttoned-up persona, which was markedly different than that of other white supremacists. As a result, many mainstream media outlets provided a platform for Spencer's views by using him as a source, most notoriously CNN, which interviewed Spencer last summer.

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