Some Officials Find Intelligence Network 'Useful' - 1985-01-15

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F43.png Some Officials Find Intelligence Network 'Useful' January 15, 1985, John Mintz, Washington Post

Norman Bailey recalls that soon after he joined the National Security Council, he received a call from NSC officials asking him to talk to a group of followers of right-wing presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. who were offering intelligence information to the agency.

Bailey, then NSC's senior director of international economic affairs, said he found the visitors' intelligence on economics and foreign affairs surprisingly on target.

He said he met with LaRouche's followers numerous times in 1982 and 1983 in his Executive Office Building office, and three times with LaRouche himself -- including once for dinner at LaRouche's rented Loudoun County estate. Bailey said he circulated within NSC a well-researched position paper that two LaRouche followers wrote about fusion energy.

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