Sorry for shouting you weirdos - 2007-05-18

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F168.png Sorry for shouting you weirdos May 18, 2007, John Sweeney, The Sun

For the record, I've met families who say their lives have been wrecked. Many people who have since left the Church say they now see it, in the words of a High Court judge back in the Eighties, as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous".

His words, not mine.

We didn't fake the demo by anti-Scientology protesters. We're not terrorists, I'm not a bigot and I don't take kindly to being compared to Hitler.

Why did I lose it? I had had enough.

During seven days on the road with Scientologists and ex-Scientologists I had been followed by creepy strangers, followed by cars, shouted at, called a bigot countless times, had my hotel invaded by top Scientologist Tommy Davis plus camera crew and had an interview with a critic of Scientology -- who they call a "sex pervert" -- interrupted by Davis.

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