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<div class="hnews hentry item">[[File:f295.png]] '''<span class="url entry-title">[http Scientologist mounted 'vicious character attack' on ex-member]</span>''' <span class="updated">November 6, 2015</span>, <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">Ray Managh</span>, <span class="org organization-name">Irish Times</span></span>
<span class="entry-content">Zabina Collins, a leading member of the Church of Scientology in [[:Category:Ireland|Ireland]], launched "a vicious character attack" on a former member who had given a talk to [[:Category:Dublin|Dublin]] schoolboys on cults, the Circuit Civil Court has been told.
Mr Ó Tuathail, who appeared with barrister John Smith for Griffiths, said the email had nothing to do with the issues of scientology. She had written to the school principal allegedly as a concerned parent who had no child attending the school.</span>
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">Wikipedia cite:<div class="mw-collapsible-content"><nowiki>{{cite news | first = Ray | last = Managh | title = Scientologist mounted 'vicious character attack' on ex-member | url = http | work = Irish Times | date = November 6, 2015 | accessdate = October 25February 7, 2017 2019 }}</nowiki></div></div>{{#widget:Google PlusOne|size=small|count=true}}

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