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Blog: Critical Q&A 186 - 2018-11-18

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(1) Could you please talk a little bit about the hypocrisy of Scientology and their take on human rights, especially in light of the Kashoggi murder? A recent conversation with my Scientologist relative made it clear to me that there was no care whether Kashoggi, a journalist for the [[:Category:Washington Post|Washington Post]], was slain and dismembered after walking into the Saudi consulate in [[:Category:Turkey|Turkey]] a few weeks ago. The basic nonchalant reaction to my bringing up the topic seemed to be that it was basically Kashoggi's own fault for having put himself in that situation, both from having been an outspoken critic of his government and having been naïve enough to walk in to the consulate in the first place. This seems like a slippery slope to me in light of the current administration's hostility towards the press. I realize Scientologists don't hold journalists in high esteem and think news is "entheta" to be avoided. Is this not hypocrisy when they in the same breath claim to hold human rights near and dear to their hearts with Scientology front groups like the Citizen's Commission for Human Rights and their Youth for Human Rights initiative at the [[:Category:United Nations|United Nations]]? How do Scientologists even sleep at night? Where do they get their news if they don't value journalists' lives? Do they just chalk it up to "gotta clear the planet of insanity, that's the one way forward"? Is there no outrage?
(2) As you know the course room supervisor is called "sup" which is a really silly name. It sounds like soup! Anyways, I remember how this individual seemed cold, unemotional and unloving, almost like a soulless robot. I asked myself, am I going to become that? If getting trained morphs me into a soulless ice cold person, I don't want to pursue this path. How's been your experience?</span><br/>{{#widget:Google PlusOne|size=small|count=true}}
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