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Nearly a decade after Scientology prompted a high-profile internet protest movement — sparked when the church attempted to remove a damaging [[:Category:YouTube|YouTube]] video of member [[:Category:Tom Cruise|Tom Cruise]] speaking about the religion — comes the discovery of a new covert campaign to subvert online criticism of the organization's social work. A series of forged court orders were submitted to [[:Category:Google|Google]] (and possibly to [[:Category:Yahoo|Yahoo]] and Bing as well) in [[:Category:2016|2016]] in an attempt to convince the search giant to expunge links to written objections to Scientology's controversial anti-drug program [[:Category:Narconon|Narconon]]. The U.S. Department of Justice declined to comment when asked whether it is investigating the issue, which involves the bogus signatures of judges from multiple states...
The fabricated court orders were brought to THR's attention by [[:Category:Eugene Volokh|Eugene Volokh]], a noted UCLA legal scholar who specializes in free speech and religious freedom law. He discovered them while researching online content removal requests in a digital Harvard archive of takedown legal notices, provided in part by Google.</span><br/>
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hollywood Reporter: Narconon & Forged Court Orders - 2017-08-10}}

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