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Blog: Scientology In A Nutshell - 2013-10-07

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The net result of Hubbard's system was that he could create adherents who were given a taste of infinity-logic, non-dual reality, but were prohibited by his group 'philosophy' and 'ethics' from exercising or sustaining such reality. The former serves as the glue that holds adherents to the latter. The adherents could appreciate the possibility of intuition. However, in practice only Ron Hubbard could exercise it consistently. Against those constrictions of the Scientologists' adopted philosophy and ethics, an inescapable result manifested. To adherents Ron Hubbard was considered a special being from a higher universe as only he could naturally and consistently demonstrate intuitive powers. Scientologist were reduced to aspiring to be like Ron. Ultimately that was an unattainable goal, when adherents were anchored to an ethics and philosophical system of thought predicated upon two-valued logic.
In effect, Scientologists who rise to the highest levels or otherwise adopt Scientology's dictate that it is the only path to salvation, not only for the adherent but for all others, are trapped in a rather debilitating cognitive dissonance (the persistent attempt to hold two conflicting ideas in harmony). On the one hand, they are thoroughly convinced that they are following a scientifically proven, utilitarian path that leads to transcendent consciousness. On the other hand, in practice, they are prohibited from exercising transcendent, intuitive consciousness by their philosophy and ethics which are firmly grounded in two-valued logic.</span><br/>
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