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<span class="entry-content">The Koch brothers aren't the only donors that have ambitions of setting the national policy agenda to fuel the ascendance of conservative ideas. Hacked documents reveal that the Milwaukee-based [[:Category:Bradley Foundation|Bradley Foundation]], which supported Gov. [[:Category:Scott Walker|Scott Walker]]'s effort to implement a fierce deficit-cutting, anti-union agenda in [[:Category:Wisconsin|Wisconsin]], have ambitions of taking that same agenda to all 50 states, including key swing states like [[:Category:Michigan|Michigan]], [[:Category:Colorado|Colorado]] and [[:Category:North Carolina|North Carolina]] that are likely to be in play in [[:Category:2020|2020]] and beyond.
Perhaps the most important revelation contained in the documents—as first analyzed by the [[:Category:Milwaukee Sentinel|Milwaukee Sentinel]] newspaper and the [[:Category:Center for Media and Democracy|Center for Media and Democracy]], which worked together on this—is that the foundation isn't really focused on winning the [[:Category:White House|White House]] or even specific state elections. Instead, the group's chief executives, including former CEO [[:Category:Michael Grebe|Michael Grebe]]—who stepped down in [[:Category:2016|2016]] to direct Governor Scott Walker's abortive presidential bid—envision a prolonged campaign of grassroots infrastructure building that will allow conservatives to set the policy agenda by transforming the larger political culture and by promoting a new generation of conservative leaders to serve as ideological standard bearers.
These efforts, in turn, would build on three decades of support by Bradley of a who's who of conservative think tanks like the [[:Category:American Enterprise Institute|American Enterprise Institute]] and scholars such as [[:Category:Charles Murray|Charles Murray]], who the foundation has supported since the [[:Category:1980|1980]]s.</span>
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