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<span class="entry-content">[[:Category:Jodie Fleischer|Jodie Fleischer]] of WSB-TV reported today that things just got a lot worse for Scientology's drug rehab program in the [[:Category:Atlanta|Atlanta]] area.
When state investigators and county police raided [[:Category:Narconon Georgia|Narconon Georgia]] on April 26, we knew they were looking for evidence of insurance fraud. But now [[:Category:Gwinnett County|Gwinnett County]] DA [[:Category:Danny Porter|Danny Porter]] tells Fleischer that he's also looking into multiple cases of credit card fraud at the facility that resulted from Narconon officials allegedly taking out cards in the names of patients without their permission - and then charging them to their maximum extent.
If that sounds familiar, you may remember our story from March 21, when attorney [[:Category:Gary Richardson|Gary Richardson]] filed five new lawsuits against Scientology's flagship rehab center in [[:Category:Oklahoma|Oklahoma]], [[:Category:Narconon Arrowhead|Narconon Arrowhead]]. In one of those lawsuits, former Narconon patient Sue Anne Newman alleged that two credit cards had been taken out in her name by Narconon officials, and she was charged $14,500 without her knowledge or permission.</span>

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