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<span class="entry-content">We want to wish a happy Boxing Day to our Commonwealth friends as we continue our look back at the year that was.
On March 1 we launched [[:Category:SMERSH|SMERSH]] MADNESS - our very own tournament of champions. On that first day, we pitted L. Ron Hubbard against [[:Category:Australia|Australia]]n journalist [[:Category:Steve Cannane|Steve Cannane]], and Hubbard won by only a single vote!
On March 4, we published a major leak of internal Scientology documents. We carefully excerpted material from the secret "life histories" that [[:Category:Sea Org|Sea Org]] members are required to write about themselves. For some bizarre reason, Scientology is particularly interested in a Sea Org member's sexual history and masturbatory habits, and with these excerpts we showed how young people are compelled to describe things an employer should never have the right to know.</span>

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