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Some of this stuff is just priceless.
The [[:Category:Austin|Austin]] Org has been located right across the street from the [[:Category:University of Texas|University of Texas]] for DECADES. Can these people really think that if they put nice furniture and install a bunch of FART Div 6 displays it is somehow going to magically take off? This is "Ideal Think" (a new sort of debilitating mental illness that [[:Category:CCHR|CCHR]] is doing N[[:Category:OT|OT]]HING about) to the last stop of the crazy train. Usually the hype is about how they are going to open a "new ideal org" (somewhere out in the boonies) and this is what will suddenly cause "planetary clearing" to "become a reality." The sad thing about this drivel is that Austin has ALREADY been in the "ideal location" forever. So, they are not even going to "open a new [[:Category:Ideal Org|Ideal Org]]" they are just going to make the current furniture "ideal"? </span>
{{DEFAULTSORT:GAG II Is Built Right Into The Brick And Steel - 2014-04-12}}

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