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Front Sight assets seized - 2009-05-15

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<div class="hnews hentry item">[[File:f0.png]] '''<span class="url entry-title">[ Front Sight assets seized]</span>''' <span class="updated">May 15, 2009</span>, <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">Gina B. Good</span>, <span class="org organization-name">Pahrump Valley Times</span></span>
<span class="entry-content">At 11 a.m. Monday, [[:Category:Front Sight|Front Sight]] Firearms Training Institute and its president, [[:Category:Ignatius Piazza|Ignatius Piazza]], went into receivership.
All financial transactions involving the firearms training facility -- from accepting payment for classes to paying staff and vendors -- must take place through a court-appointed administrator.
The facility and all assets have been seized by the court, down to the hundreds of firearms included as part of new members' benefits.</span>
<code><nowiki>{{cite news | first = Gina B. | last = Good | title = Front Sight assets seized | url = | work = Pahrump Valley Times | date = 2009-05-15 | accessdate = 2014-07-09 }}</nowiki></code>

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