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<div class="hnews hentry item">[[File:f0.png]] '''<span class="url entry-title">[ (VIDEO) Scientology: A to Xenu - The Book Trailer You've Been Waiting For]</span>''' <span class="updated">December 31, 2015</span>, <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">Chris Shelton</span>, <span class="org organization-name">Critical Thinker at Large</span></span>
<span class="entry-content">Hey everyone. I have very good news. For regular watchers of my weekly [[:Category:Critic|Critic]]al Q&A show and my Patreon supporters, they already heard about this but I want everyone to know. What I'm announcing here is the culmination of two years of work on my part to expose Scientology and give you the actual facts about what really goes on behind its closed doors.

I have completed and published what I believe to be the definitive guide to [[:Category:Dianetics|Dianetics]] and Scientology, titled Scientology: A to [[:Category:Xenu|Xenu]], An Insider's Guide to What Scientology is All About.

Why should you get this and read it? Well, if you want to understand how people are lured in to destructive cults like this and why they stay, this book gives you those answers.</span>
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