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Category:US Army

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Lobbyist activity: legislative & normalizing copyedits on 1/1 gmitchell disclosures
| income=$60000
| agencies=[[:Category:Bureau of Prisons|Bureau of Prisons]], [[:Category:US Army|US Army]], [[:Category:US Department of Justice|US Department of Justice]], [[:Category:US House of Representatives|US House of Representatives]], [[:Category:US Navy|US Navy]], [[:Category:US Senate|US Senate]]
| issue1=[[:Category:Bankruptcylaw & charitable donation protections amendments|Bankruptcy]], [[:Category:Charitable|Charitable]], [[:Category:Donation|Donationlaw & charitable donation protections amendments]]
| issue2=[[:Category:Applied Scholastics|Applied Scholastics]], [[:Category:Memphis|Memphis]], [[:Category:St. Louis|St. Louis]]
| issue3=[[:Category:New York City|New York City]], [[:Category:New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project|New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project]]
| issue4=[[:Category:Criminon|Criminon]] pilot program in Federal & Military prisons| issue5=[[:Category:Prisoner reentry bill|Prisoner reentry bill (Second Chance Act)]]

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