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Blog: Miscavige's Irish Faux Pas - 2014-01-14

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<span class="entry-content">Here is why [[:Category:David Miscavige|David Miscavige]] is so terrified of his "International Events" being seen by anyone outside the bubble. (You would think He would want all that good news disseminated far and wide?)
But the problem is that when what he says gets out into the real world, there are people who actually check the [[:Category:Shermanspeak|Shermanspeak]](r) bs he spouts against FACTS. Pesky things them facts....
The New Years video went onto the internet yesterday and already it has hit the media in [[:Category:Ireland|Ireland]], because one of the "featured" videos concerned the [[:Category:Dublin|Dublin]] [[:Category:Mission|Mission]] (which was a very sad little place when I went to visit it 2 years ago).</span>
[[Category:Scientology Missions International]]
[[Category:Something Can Be Done About It]]
[[Category:Truth About Drugs]]

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