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JON: In [[:Category:1993|1993]], I was in [[:Category:Chicago|Chicago]], working on a documentary project with Carlos Cornier. The documentary did not see the light of day, though some of my footage went into an [[:Category:A&E|A&E]] piece, which also featured [[:Category:David Miscavige|David Miscavige]]. We had done a week of filming in [[:Category:England|England]]. Now Carlos wanted to add some American colour.</span>
<code><nowiki>{{cite news | author = Tony Ortega | title = Jon Atack visits an org - ALSO: The richest Scientologist gets even richer! | url = | work = Underground Bunker | date = March 7, 2015-03-07 | accessdate = 2015-03-07 January 14, 2017 }}</nowiki></code>

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