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<div class="hnews hentry item">[[File:f347.png]] '''<span class="url entry-title">[http Jon Atack visits an org - ALSO: The richest Scientologist gets even richer!]</span>''' <span class="updated">March 7, 2015</span>, <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">Tony Ortega</span>, <span class="org organization-name">Underground Bunker</span></span>
<span class="entry-content">[[:Category:Jon Atack|Jon Atack]] is the author of [[:Category:A Piece of Blue Sky|A Piece of Blue Sky]], one of the very best books on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book for sale, and for more than a year on Saturdays he helped us sift through the legends, myths, and contested facts about Scientology that tend to get hashed and rehashed in books, articles, and especially on the Internet. He was kind enough to send us a new post.
JON: In [[:Category:1993|1993]], I was in [[:Category:Chicago|Chicago]], working on a documentary project with Carlos Cornier. The documentary did not see the light of day, though some of my footage went into an [[:Category:A&E|A&E]] piece, which also featured [[:Category:David Miscavige|David Miscavige]]. We had done a week of filming in [[:Category:England|England]]. Now Carlos wanted to add some American colour.</span>
<code><nowiki>{{cite news | author = Tony Ortega | title = Jon Atack visits an org - ALSO: The richest Scientologist gets even richer! | url = http | work = Underground Bunker | date = March 7, 2015 | accessdate = January 14August 21, 2017 }}</nowiki></code>

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