Spiritual symbiosis: A surprising one - 2005-10-30

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F15.png Spiritual symbiosis: A surprising one October 30, 2005, Robert Farley, Tampa Bay Times

The concepts aren't unusual for a Christian teen group, but the author is. The Way to Happiness is a moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.

And the Way to Happiness class is just part of a relationship between the Glorious Church of God in Christ and the Church of Scientology.

About 20 Glorious Church members have been schooled on Hubbard's study technology at Scientology's Tampa facility on Habana Avenue. Soon Glorious Church parishioners plan to teach Hubbard's so-called "study tech" to children in their neighborhood, where one in five live in poverty.

The Glorious Church also hopes to host Narconon and Criminon programs based on the teachings of Hubbard and aimed at drug treatment and criminal rehabilitation.

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