Stephen Harper's five-question limit - 2011-04-15

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F132.png Stephen Harper's five-question limit April 15, 2011, William Kaplan, Globe and Mail

Five questions. That's right. The Prime Minister has told journalists travelling on his campaign tour that he will only answer five questions a day.

On the last day of March, reporters in Halifax - standing behind a yellow barricade at least a dozen feet away from Stephen Harper - called out to him to explain why only five questions. He refused to respond. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton answer all the questions they're asked, the reporters pointed out. Why had Mr. Harper limited reporters to five questions a day? He refused to explain. "If there's another subject, I'll answer it," he told them.

When the reporters properly pushed back, getting into a bit of a shouting match with the Prime Minister, he again refused to elaborate. "If there are other subjects I'm not addressing, I'll take them. What's the subject? One subject." Mr. Harper was then asked a question about Libya. He answered it and walked away.

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