Stephen Harper's power dissolves - 2020-05-27

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F99.png Stephen Harper's power dissolves May 27, 2020, Sandy Garossino, Opinion, National Observer

Last weekend, social media exhumed clips from a 2018 Stephen Harper interview with Dennis Prager, in which he bemoaned the absence of a Fox News network in Canada and blamed his 2015 defeat on leftist media outlets that coordinated their election coverage to censor his party's message.

It was a depressingly small performance, even for a Twitter thumbnail.

Behold Stephen Harper, the powerhouse victor of three back-to-back elections, all won with the self-same news outlets and journalists. Here's a man who dominated this country for almost a decade, strode the world stage with Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and other historic figures, now reduced to fabricating bitter recriminations against the media on a second-rate YouTube channel.

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