Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons - 2006-10-12

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F0.png Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons October 12, 2006, Marci McDonald, The Walrus

Marci McDonald is the author of The Armageddon Factor: the Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada, a 2010 bestseller based on her 2006 Walrus story "Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons." She is the winner of several National Magazine Awards, including for "The Man Behind Stephen Harper" and "Blind Trust," the cover story of the inaugural issue of The Walrus.

Charles McVety, president of Canadian Christian College, Stand with Israel rally, Toronto. / Collage by Balint Zsako

On the car radio, the weather report was aptly apocalyptic. Environment Canada had just issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Toronto, and already the sky north of the city had turned an ominous charcoal. Even the most cynical Hollywood scriptwriter couldn't have dreamed up a more fitting scene-setter as a stream of cars turned into a parking lot tucked behind the Loblaws superstore at Eglinton Avenue and Don Mills Road in search of a more precise forecast on just when to expect Armageddon.

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