Stephen Harper finally reveals his hidden agenda - 2018-06-25

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F132.png Stephen Harper finally reveals his hidden agenda June 25, 2018, Goldy Hyder, Globe and Mail

Over the past month, several stories have been written about former prime minister Stephen Harper. Virtually all of them characterize him as returning from exile, like Emperor Napoleon from Elba or a spy coming in from the cold. But to paraphrase the great philosopher LL Cool J: Don't call it a comeback, he's been here for years.

While Mr. Harper resigned as leader of the Conservative Party in 2015, he's remained a leader among conservatives. Much of his policies and governing philosophy live on through political heirs such as Andrew Scheer in Ottawa, Scott Moe in Saskatchewan, Brian Pallister in Manitoba, Jason Kenney in Alberta and, yes, Doug Ford in Ontario.

As The Globe and Mail recently reported, premier-designate Ford is being advised by a number of senior officials from the Harper government, including former foreign affairs minister John Baird, and has several former Harper government MPs in his newly elected caucus. Mr. Harper was notably among the first to congratulate Mr. Ford on his election.

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