Sunday Funnies: Africa is Done! - 2013-01-27

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F347.png Sunday Funnies: Africa is Done! January 27, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

It's time for another look at the fundraising fliers and other come-ons that Scientologists received this week. On Sundays, we like to post the items that our tipsters have forwarded to us, so we can get a snapshot of what church members are getting hit up for at the moment.

This week, there are so many fun things to spend money on. A table at a CCHR awards banquet? A campaign of terror against psychiatry? Or more books for libraries around the world? Get that checkbook out and let's start saving the world!

Scientologists sure do love awards ceremonies. Anyone want to take a guess the name of the 15-term member of Congress who will be taking home a plaque at this shindig for the church's wacky anti-psychiatry front group?

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