Sunday Funnies: Scientology Price Increase! - 2012-10-28

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F347.png Sunday Funnies: Scientology Price Increase! October 28, 2012, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Once again, our tipsters have come through, and we have a great new set of Scientology mailers to share with you. On Sunday mornings, we love to show you the fliers and come-ons that were forwarded to us during the week. We seem to be getting more than ever. (Although we haven't heard from Australia in a while. What's happening down there?)

Anyway, this week we have a fun selection for you: There's a new mission in Texas! People in LA have yet another chance to experience the IAS gala! You'll be happy to know that the Sea Org is still hiring. And best of all — prices are going up!

Well, after what David Miscavige had to say about the state of Texas, we're happy to see that, in fact, Scientology is not giving up on the Lone Star State. In fact, there's a new mission opening in the Dallas area that is apparently aimed at our Spanish-speaking friends there.

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