Sunday Funnies: Scientology sends us a letter! - 2013-12-22

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F347.png Sunday Funnies: Scientology sends us a letter! December 22, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

On Sundays, we like to reveal to you the various things our tipsters have forwarded to us during the week — mailers and fliers that Scientology sends out to its members as the call for donations goes ever onwards.

This week, the world of Scientology is preparing for one its biggest days on the calendar. New Year's Eve is a major landmark for the church, because, well, who knows. It just is. So make plans to get on down to your local org for some late night partying and wallet loosening.

Let's start with the biggest change for the church and its New Year's Eve plans. For the first time ever, the main party will be not in Los Angeles but in Clearwater, Florida. In yet another sign that things are shifting to Florida at the expense of Scientology's other major hubs in England and California, the main event will be happening on December 27 at that big tent near the Super Power Building which has seen so many other big celebrations in recent weeks.

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