Sunday Special: Remembering Some People Who Mattered - 2013-10-13

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F347.png Sunday Special: Remembering Some People Who Mattered October 13, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

The last couple of weeks have been very intense here at the Underground Bunker — culminating in Friday's devastating release of Laura DeCrescenzo's "pc files" and the picture of Sea Org slavery that they portray.

On Sundays, we like to relax a bit by enjoying the wacky Scientology mailers that our tipsters have forwarded during the week. This time, however, we have something a little different for you.

We asked Observer, our shoop expert, to put together an image that came to us recently as the comments section here at the Bunker went through a few days with more agita than usual. We are very fortunate to have such an intelligent discussion happening here, with many great regulars. But like any Internet forum, things can get a bit wild and woolly. For some reason, as things got heated, an image came into focus of the folks who might be keeping a close watch on the news we break here at the Bunker, as well as the many great contributions by our readers. And here's what we asked Observer to create for us.

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