Surprise! Doug Ford Is Running Ontario Like It's 'Entourage' - 2018-12-06

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F0.png Surprise! Doug Ford Is Running Ontario Like It's 'Entourage' December 6, 2018, Joshua Ostroff, Vice News

Doug Ford campaigned on the slogan "For the People." But with controversy growing over his OPP commissioner appointment of Ron Taverner, a Toronto police superintendent and the Ontario premier's longtime personal friend, it's looking a bit more like he meant "For the Fords' People."

Taverner's tale began on November 29, when the province announced Ford's cabinet had picked the 72-year-old police commander from Etobicoke—the west-end Toronto capital of Ford Nation—to head the country's second biggest police force after the RCMP. The nearly 9,000-person Ontario Provincial Police has 150 detachments as well as anti-organized crime and racketeering units, the latter of which, by the by, also investigates political shadiness.

Taverner, who joined the Toronto Police service way back in 1967, is currently Unit Commander of 12, 23, and 31 Divisions. The Toronto Star reported that "Taverner forged a relationship with Ford's late brother, Rob Ford, while Rob was a city councillor," adding "he has attended Ford family barbecues and informal breakfast meetings with the brothers." In a Globe and Mail interview, ex-Toronto Police Services Board chair Alok Mukherjee confirmed "Ron [Taverner] has been very close to the Ford family. He and the Premier have had a close relationship."

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