THE FIGHT OF HER LIFE - 1995-08-20

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F43.png THE FIGHT OF HER LIFE August 20, 1995, Lorraine Adams, Washington Post

It has been reported that both Horowitz and Gordon Clark were devotees of Scientology, the controversial self-improvement movement founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. But Clark's friends say she never was. And Dauber isn't even sure about Horowitz. Gordon Clark, at 22, wasn't really serious about it, friends say, even though the marriage ceremony was performed by Bruce Roman, an orthodontist who was a lay Scientology minister.

"Marcia wasn't into that and after they got married, he had nothing to do with it," Dauber said. "They had a very brief ceremony. It was this guy who was minister of Scientology, it wasn't too religious, just something about these two souls chose to hang out together. Then he dropped out of the church."

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