Team Trump Can't Erase the Boss' Coronavirus 'Hoax' - 2020-04-08

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F375.png Team Trump Can't Erase the Boss' Coronavirus 'Hoax' April 8, 2020, Dean Obeidallah, Daily Beast

Later Sunday, to my surprise, the "Trump War Room," a Twitter account that is managed by the Trump campaign and boasts over a half million followers, called me a liar for saying that. And not just me, but others in the media who had allegedly said that same, as you can see from the War Room's Tweet, "@DonLemon Rachel @Maddow @KristenhCNN and @DeanObeidallah continue to spread the lie that President Trump called coronavirus a hoax."

The Trump War Room's tweet only included my comment about the "new hoax," leaving out the context in that I had noted Trump had a history of belittling the threat posed by the virus, from that Feb. 28 rally up through, as I also mentioned, his March 24 appearance on Fox News where he invoked the deaths caused by auto accidents and the flu to again undermine the deadly nature of COVID-19.

This is reminiscent of when Trump mocked the disabilities of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski by mimicking his limited arm movement during the 2016 campaign. After a backlash, Trump claimed he never mocked the reporter's disability. Trump, then as now, is trying to gaslight people into not believing their own eyes and ears, or at the very least trying to create two sides to an issue where there's only one.

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