Team Trump Wrestles With Its QAnon Problem - 2019-09-12

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F375.png Team Trump Wrestles With Its QAnon Problem September 12, 2019, Will Sommer, Daily Beast

In late August 2018, Lisa and John Welch weren't feeling great about the future of QAnon, the ludicrous conspiracy theory that posits that Donald Trump is engaged in a secret battle with pedophilic elites in Hollywood, big banks, and the Democratic Party.

Lisa had bought into the theory first, then convinced her husband to sign on. But none of the mysterious Q's predictions in anonymous internet forums had come to pass nearly a year after it started in October 2017, and QAnon believers were starting to lose faith. After yet another Q prediction failed to materialize in 2018, an armed, crazed QAnon fan allegedly shut down a bridge near the Hoover Dam with an improvised armored truck.

The Welches decided they needed some way to show how many Trump supporters believed in the mega-conspiracy theory, which has pulled in Pizzagate and a wide range of other conspiracy theories. They printed up T-shirts and signs that said "We Are Q" and passed them out at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.

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