Teens Bring 4chan Politics to Boston - 2017-05-14

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F375.png Teens Bring 4chan Politics to Boston May 14, 2017, Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast

We were all there because of Berkeley. Hundreds of people gathered on Boston Common Saturday after word spread for weeks of a free speech rally orchestrated by right-wing groups. But the real draw for protesters and counter-protestors alike seemed to be a shared view of the conflict between Antifas (self described anti-fascists) and Nazis—or anarchists and Americans, depending on who you asked—as a travelling fight club that had come to town.

In Berkeley, you might have been able to glimpse history looming grandly in the background. There, at the birthplace of the country's free speech movement, protestors, militants, and masked street fighters clashed, sometimes violently, over whether Milo Yiannopoulos should be allowed to speak publicly, what kind of dystopia America is becoming, and who the real fascists are. In Boston, there was little of that pretense. Everyone seemed to be thinking about Berkeley.

A group of several hundred right-wing aligned protesters, who claimed their rally was being held to defend free speech, occupied one piece of ground in the park. The variety of subcultural uniforms and insignia among them, blended paramilitary, biker, and videogame cultures.

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