Tenants evicted from almost-vacant trailer park - 2011-04-05

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F121.png Tenants evicted from almost-vacant trailer park April 5, 2011, Gail Wesson, Press-Enterprise

The Sleepy Hollow Trailer Park has been a nook of affordable housing north of the San Jacinto River at State Street for at least 30 years.

Now almost all the residents are gone. In June, Business Management Services, which buys properties for the Church of Scientology, acquired the property from an investment company, and most of the 21 tenants have since moved out. The property near San Jacinto is riddled with piles of wood debris, abandoned furniture and a couple of single-wide mobile homes and trailers.

Residents Candice Savage and Joseph Neely wanted to stay, but were evicted. A court commissioner gave them until Tuesday to move out.

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