The $1-Billion-a-Year Right-Wing Conspiracy You Haven't Heard Of - 2014-09-25

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F375.png The $1-Billion-a-Year Right-Wing Conspiracy You Haven't Heard Of September 25, 2014, Jay Michaelson, Daily Beast

The Gathering is a conference of hard-right Christian organizations and, perhaps more important, funders. Most of them are not household names, at least if your household isn't evangelical. But that's the point: The Gathering is a hub of Christian Right organizing, and the people in attendance have led the campaigns to privatize public schools, redefine "religious liberty" (as in the Hobby Lobby case), fight same-sex marriage, fight evolution, and, well, you know the rest. They're probably behind that, too.

Featured speakers have included many of the usual suspects: Alliance Defending Freedom President and CEO Alan Sears (2013), Focus on the Family President Jim Daly (2011), and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins (2006). This year, however, they are joined by David Brooks of The New York Times and Michael Gerson of The Washington Post. What's going on? Has The Gathering gone mainstream?

Hardly, says Bruce Wilson, director of the advocacy group Truth Wins Out's Center Against Religious Extremism and a leading researcher on The Gathering. The selection of this year's speakers, he says, is just the latest in a long line of misdirections and canards.

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