The 'kamikaze candidate' continues to haunt Jason Kenney - 2019-03-22

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F132.png The 'kamikaze candidate' continues to haunt Jason Kenney March 22, 2019, James Keller, Globe and Mail

Two and a half months before the 2017 leadership vote for the newly merged United Conservative Party, three conservative activists met at a Tim Hortons on an August afternoon in the bedroom community of Okotoks, south of Calgary, to talk about the prospective candidacy of Jeff Callaway. One of them, a local constituency board member named Mark Hudson, was carrying an audio recorder.

He was joined by Wendy Adam and her husband Udo, who both have long histories within Alberta's conservative politics. In a six-minute segment of audio that Mr. Hudson posted online, Ms. Adam explains that Mr. Callaway was preparing to enter the UCP leadership race, which already had two apparent front-runners in former Wildrose leader Brian Jean and the eventual winner, Jason Kenney.

"Jeff is going to run a serious campaign, but the reason that we're running Jeff as a serious campaign is because Jeff will be able to say things about Brian Jean that Jason Kenney cannot," said Ms. Adam, who confirmed it is her voice on the recording but otherwise declined to comment.

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