The Bill Gates–coronavirus conspiracy theory, explained - 2020-05-12

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F358.png The Bill Gates–coronavirus conspiracy theory, explained May 12, 2020, Matthew Rozsa, Salon

"The people who are believing in those conspiracy theories were likely believing in similar conspiracy theories before the COVID-19 pandemic and they're just applying that style of thinking to this new thing," Uscinski explained. "Basically what we find is that the people who buy into these sorts of conspiracy theories do so because they have what we call underlying conspiracy thinking, meaning that they see the world through a conspiratorial lens."

"Events and circumstances to them are best explained by shadowy conspiracies operating the dark rather than due to other explanations," Uscinski continued. "When this new thing pops up and captivates them like a pandemic, they're going to say it must be a conspiracy because that's the tool in the toolbox that they always reach for as an explanation."

He later added, "If people have beliefs that are disconnected from our shared reality, then their actions are going to be potentially dangerous."

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