The Boogaloo Bois Are All Over Facebook - 2020-08-12

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F0.png The Boogaloo Bois Are All Over Facebook August 12, 2020, Tess Owen, Vice News

The anti-government Boogaloo movement is thriving on Facebook under an array of code names, where followers are circulating links to Google Drives containing manuals on bomb making, how to be a getaway driver, and how to murder people with your bare hands, an investigation from the Tech Transparency Project found.

The group, which tracks extremist movements on social media, identified 110 Boogaloo groups that were created since Facebook designated it a "dangerous organization" and banned it from the platform on June 30. At least 18 of them were created on a single day.

Some of those groups have already amassed thousands of members, and are distributing documents including "Al Qaeda kidnapping manual," and the "Army Sniper Manual," as well as reports on previous bombings, such as the 2005 attack on London's transport system, which left 56 dead.

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