The Combine Interview - 2008-09-02

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F355.png The Combine Interview September 2, 2008, Combine Interview, YouTube

A leaked interview with District 17 Civil Protection; Officer 117-9000. Recorded just before the uprising.

This is the video the overwatch does not want you to see.

Directing, Writing, Digital effects, etc by Tom Hall Camera assistance by Danny Santos Gordon Freeman by Stefan Acin

edit: My messages were disabled for awhile for some reason, it's been re enabled now.

I have been asked if I would consider doing more short films set in the HL2 universe.

I am currently in a pretty intensive film program but I am interested in exploring the combine further, maybe in a more narrative sense. Any such short film would be at a minimum 6-months away. I'll keep you guys informed if I ever return to the HL2 universe.

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