The Conservative Party's moderate-centres have disappeared - 2020-02-06

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F253.png The Conservative Party's moderate-centres have disappeared February 6, 2020, Frank Graves, Opinion, Macleans

They've stated that the party is confused; it has lost its identity, needs to find itself—when, for the most part, the party knows exactly where it is and how it got there. It's the strategists and media who are living in something that looks a lot like a state of denial.

They're engaging in a surreal debate about what the party needs to do to fix itself and grow its political message—make symbolic or mild policy nods toward the political centre, have its leaders walk in a pride parade, declare it won't be re-opening the abortion debate, do something to hobble the party's "extremist wing."

Yet the Conservative moderate-centre has all but disappeared. Largely, the so-called Red Tories have left the party and gone elsewhere. There is no "extremist wing"—that's imaginary. Fundamental changes have shaped the base of the party that reflect differences in outlook, preferences and values from the great majority of Canadians and have little to do with what someone thinks about gay pride parades. As in the U.K. and the U.S., authoritarian or ordered populism has polarized Canada into two incommensurable camps.

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