The Conspiracy Singularity Has Arrived - 2020-07-17

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F0.png The Conspiracy Singularity Has Arrived July 17, 2020, Anna Merlan, Vice News

A few months ago, at a time when it was still safe to have strange experiences in unusual places, I was handed a mysterious document. "ALLIANCES AND TRAITORS WITHIN THE TRUTH & UFO COMMUNITIES," it read.

The document was a single, bright red sheet of paper, crowded with close-set black type. Different kinds of lines and arrows connected in wild formulations, linking George Soros with the Illuminati, various stars of the UFO community with their alleged handlers, the CIA with Alex Jones. The Pleidians—a race of tall, blue-eyed Nordic alien beings—connected with both Tesla and the president in ways I couldn't quite parse.

This paper was created and handed to me by Dylan Louis Monroe, a player in the QAnon world and the creator of the Deep State Mapping Project, a one-man operation where Monroe creates dense visual maps of the supposed alliances he sees between various major players and world events. Monroe was at the New Age expo Conscious Life selling Q-branded t-shirts and promoting a YouTube show, I was there reporting, and both of us were thinking about the strange alliances and friendships that had begun to surface in various conspiracy communities.

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