The Cozy Relationship Between Project Veritas and the Proud Boys - 2020-09-30

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F0.png The Cozy Relationship Between Project Veritas and the Proud Boys September 30, 2020, Matthew Phelan, New Republic

For Project Veritas, the 2020 Democratic primaries offered an embarrassment of riches. A historically large field meant plenty of targets against which James O'Keefe's journalism-cosplay organization could deploy its signature tactic of getting low-level political operatives to say something embarrassing into a hidden camera, then hype a selectively edited video for maximum echo-chamber outrage. As we've already reported, based on internal Project Veritas documents, the group ran a sting, code-named "Gold Mine," with operatives attempting to infiltrate the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and others, hoping to catch candidates or their staff members in a gaffe.

So far, so familiar—this is what Veritas does. Yet it's worth looking at just who O'Keefe recruits to do it. To infiltrate the Biden campaign in Iowa, Veritas tapped an avowed Proud Boy, while a second operative aligned with the Proud Boys tried to infiltrate the Sanders and Warren campaigns. Project Veritas employs a Proud Boy who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for his part in a brawl following a speech by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. O'Keefe himself has palled around with McInnes for years, and Veritas devoted an entire sting to defending the current leader of the Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys, for those not yet in the know, is an amorphous group of far-right men who claim not to be racists but promote the idea that white men are under siege; Proud Boys are frequently found in the company of avowed racists, and the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them a hate group. McInnes has repeatedly called for violence against left-wing activists, and the Proud Boys have been caught planning violent "rallies," most recently in Portland, Oregon.

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