The Current for October 30, 2009 - 2009-10-30

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F182.png The Current for October 30, 2009 October 30, 2009, Hana Gartner, The Current, CBC Radio

Despite the upbeat tones of its advertising campaign, it's been a tough week for the Church of Scientology. First, Canadian Movie Director Paul Haggis -- one of the church's oldest and most respected members -- quit over what he says is the church's refusal to denounce an anti-gay marriage bill in California. He outlined his reasons in a letter to the Church's spokesperson, Tommy Davis.

A few days later, the Church of Scientology's French branch was found guilty of fraud and fined half-a-million euros about a million Canadian dollars. And this all came less than a week after the Church's spokesperson, Tommy Davis, walked out in the middle of a high-profile television interview on Nightline.

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