The Document: When Scientology canceled 'Family Time' - 2014-08-27

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F347.png The Document: When Scientology canceled 'Family Time' August 27, 2014, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Martin Ottmann was in Scientology relatively briefly: He first got involved in Stuttgart in 1989, joined the Sea Organization and went to Clearwater in 1990, and by the end of 1992, after returning to Germany, he was out. Since then, however, he's become known for his dogged pursuit of documents that reflect every possible detail of Scientology management and Scientology life. We asked him to bring some of his expertise to the Underground Bunker and help us dig into the dark corners of this secretive organization.

To start things off, Martin sent us a 1989 document that was smuggled out of Scientology's Pacific Area Command (PAC Base), its big Los Angeles complex in the former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The document describes a change in policy that made it even more difficult for Sea Org parents to spend time with their children. Sea Org members are Scientology's most dedicated workers — they sign billion-year contracts and work 110-hour weeks for pennies an hour.

A stamp on the document, Martin points out, shows that it was probably used in a deposition of Scientology's nominal president, Heber Jentzsch. We have for you a difficult-to-read image of the document itself, and then a transcript.

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