The Incident on the A-Road - 2020-06-16

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F0.png The Incident on the A-Road June 16, 2020, Anna Merlan, Vice News

"We were following certain things on the antifa group that were actually talking about me and my business," Larson said, his eyes unreadable behind his glasses. "They left. They left and they were supposed to—a large group of the Black Lives Matter were supposed to meet with the …" he paused. "Certain people."

The video cut off abruptly. Larson doesn't seem to have made another, or any other direct reference to what happened on June 3. (He also didn't return several requests for comment from VICE News made through email and Facebook Messenger, and nobody picked up the phone at Fred's Guns 2.0 throughout last week.)

The events of that night, though, have roiled the town of Sequim and the neighboring community of Forks, 73 miles to the west. Both towns are located on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, a remote, staggeringly beautiful, and economically depressed area that's been struggling even more during the pandemic.

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