The King Of Canadian Conservative Shitposting - 2017-11-24

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F0.png The King Of Canadian Conservative Shitposting November 24, 2017, Graeme Gordon, Canadaland

"Listen up y'all. Let's get one thing clear," raps the large man dressed as Ontario's premier, in a tightly-fitted red dress, pearls, glasses, and grey curly wig. "I'm Kathleen Chin, I run the racket here."

Published Wednesday, the musical attack video — with the designed-to-go-viral refrain "Where'd my money go? It went to Hydro!" — was just the latest elevation of anti-Liberal shitposting from Ontario Proud, a registered non-profit whose primary activity is cranking out low-quality, highly shareable anti-Wynne memes on Facebook. The video also shows the Kathleen Wynne character stealing a wallet from, tying up, and gagging a "Joe Schmoe," as well as basking in bundles of cash, smoking cigars, and drinking champagne alongside another actor portraying the Hydro One CEO as a villainous crook.

An official third-party advertiser in the upcoming provincial election, Ontario Proud knows how to weaponize social media platforms in the same way that has proven effective for the successful populist movements of Brexit and Trump. Its Facebook page now boasts over 289,000 likes, which — if the vast majority are indeed Ontarians, as founder Jeff Ballingall asserts — would translate to one in every 47 Ontario residents following the page. That's more likes than the respective pages of Premier Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party, Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, the Ontario PC Party, NDP leader Andrea Horwath, and the Ontario NDP — combined. The Ontario Proud page also gets more Facebook engagement than the the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail pages together, something Ballingall is fond of gloating about.

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