The Last Crusade - 2010-05-27

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F0.png The Last Crusade May 27, 2010, Nate Jackson, Inland Empire Weekly

Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone (whose district includes Golden Era) and Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco are both accused by protesters of colluding with a Golden Era attorney and the facility's public relations staff. Specifically, they question the drafting of Ordinance 884, a countywide residential picketing ban enacted in February 2009. The ordinance, passed by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, is designed to keep any protester at least 30 feet away from the property line of a targeted residence. This prohibits Anonymous protests and demonstrations from taking place near Golden Era's staff dormitories.

Still, many Anons refused to stop protesting.

"Some of us felt it was important because of what information has come out about what goes on there," says protester Mark Abian of Tustin. "It's probably more extreme there than any other Scientology location."

Attempts by Anons to investigate the drafting of Ordinance 884 led them to public financial reports that show campaign contributions from Scientologists between 2007-2010 to various Riverside County supervisors and the DA's office. From 2007-2009, Fraser donated $600 to Jeff Stone's campaigns for supervisor. Stone also got $835 from Dufresne during those two years. That's in addition to contributions made by Dufresne to the four other members of the Board of Supervisors, Pacheco and Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff.

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