The Legal Industry for Kidnapping Teens - 2016-11-30

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F0.png The Legal Industry for Kidnapping Teens November 30, 2016, Serena Solomon, Vice News

It was midnight when David woke up to find two large men standing over his bed. Without any explanation, they told him to get up, get dressed, and come with them. Still in the confusion of sleep, but also petrified out of his 12-year-old mind, David complied. Plus, the restraint of a large arm meant he couldn't bolt.

When David saw the plain black van parked in front of the house, he figured he was about to be kidnapped for dealing drugs to the wrong people at his school.

"I was scared for my life," David, who is now 15, told me.

But David wasn't being kidnapped in the traditional sense. What happened to him was arranged by his parents, and was completely legal.

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