The Long, Strange Purgatory of Casey Kasem - 2015-02-01

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F0.png The Long, Strange Purgatory of Casey Kasem February 1, 2015, Amy Wallace, GQ

By early October of 2013, after two months without seeing him, the kids grew concerned that Casey was not receiving adequate care. They organized a protest in front of the Kasem mansion, where about twenty-five people stood quietly holding handwritten placards. jean, why won't you let me see my dad!? read Kerri's sign, while Mouner Kasem, Casey's 78-year-old younger brother, held one that said i miss my brother. Jean called the police, drawing several squad cars and a helicopter to the scene-and the next day, there were headlines on CNN, TMZ, and just about every news outlet in between.

In the ensuing months, Jean offered a deal: Her stepkids could see their dad once a month for an hour, but a security guard had to monitor their visits, and the kids would have to split the cost of that guard with Jean. They would not be allowed to have phones or any other electronics with them, presumably to prevent photographs or any communication with others.

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