The Making of a Boogaloo Boi - 2020-08-06

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F0.png The Making of a Boogaloo Boi August 6, 2020, Tess Owen, Vice News

RED OAK HOLLOW, Virginia — On a cold February morning in this rural unincorporated community, some 200 people gathered by an old wooden house on the grounds of a popular ATV park and hunting club. They were there to form a militia, in response to a "Call to Muster" that had been posted on Facebook a few weeks earlier.

Leading the call was Mike Dunn, a baby-faced 19-year-old dressed in military fatigues with an assault rifle slung across his chest. His respondents were overwhelmingly white, male, armed, and over 60 — some wore MAGA hats, others flew the big yellow Gadsden flag, featuring its iconic rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread On Me."

"I'm not asking you to go to war with me. We will not be the first ones to move aggressively," Dunn told the crowd. "I'm asking you to band together with me, with the citizens of your respective counties, and prepare to defend your liberties and freedoms alongside each other, whether it be verbally, legally or — god forbid — physically."

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